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Good afternoon citizens of Mount Dora, this is Mayor Cathy Hoechst.

As we continue to navigate our new world, post the first year of COVID-19, yes one year ago in March we began this journey.  We need to remember that although you may have received the vaccine, you need to continue wearing a face covering, socially distance and frequently sanitize your hands.

DOH Lake has determined at this point in time, St. Patrick’s will continue doing second dose vaccines.  With that said, as Mount Dora receives supplies of first doses, our Fire Department paramedics will administer them in cooperation with DOH Lake at pre-determined sites as the supplies are confirmed.

We had a successful Arts Festival this month and we look forward to the Mount Dora Spring Festival of Arts and Crafts on March 20th and 21st.

Our Public Works staff in cooperation with the Friends of the Environment continue to plant replacement trees in several sections of our town.  As we remove diseased trees that we identified through the Tree Inventory Study done in 2017.

Interim Police Chief Brett Meade presented the Police Department Assessment Study conducted over the last seven months and it was accepted by council this morning.  The process for identifying a new police chief continues and more information will be available by the end of the month of March for the final applicants.

February is Black History Month and the Mount Dora Center for the Arts has a display this Saturday, February 27th, from noon to 5 p.m. entitled The African American Arts Experience.  Please join us.

Be safe as we enjoy our nice weather here in Mount Dora Florida.  Someplace Special.

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