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Good morning citizens of Mount Dora, this is Mayor Cathy Hoechst.

This week, at St. Patrick’s Church second dose vaccines are being given.  At this time, we do not know if any first dose vaccines will be given at this location again.  That is a decision made by DOH Lake. 

As of today, we have administered just under 12,000 doses.

We are continuing with our point of distribution (POD) sites on Fridays and sometimes during the weekends.  These sites are pre-arranged for specific areas of eligible residents with mobility limitations and a limited supply of vaccines.  These sites are done in cooperation with DOH Lake, the City of Mount Dora and our Fire Department Paramedics.

Decisions are made weekly based on the supply of the vaccines.

This past weekend The Mount Dora Center for the Arts in cooperation with the City of Mount Dora held the 46th Annual Mount Dora Arts Festival.  It was a smaller version of the festival with about 120 artists rather than the normal 285-300.  Although we had some challenging weather overnight and an initially slow Sunday, all-in-all the event was well received by all; Residents, visitors, merchants and vendors. 

People wore their face coverings, they social distanced and they used the hand sanitizers and purchased, both from the artists and from our merchants and restaurants. 

This past month the City has changed the recycling process we have used for a number of years.  Many residents are happy with the change and understand the need for the change in order to not have fee increases.  We no longer have separate containers for trash and recyclables.  All of the materials collected are taken by the Waste Management company to a waste-energy plant where it is safely converted from waste to energy.

I understand there are some residents who are not happy with this decision but based on the information presented to the Council, at this point in time, the Council felt, with a 7-0 decision, that going to waste-energy program was the best for our city. 

As we continue the vaccine administration, please remember to continue wearing your face covering, social distancing and frequently sanitize your hands.

Be Safe.

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