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Good morning citizens of Mount Dora this is Mayor Cathy Hoechst with and update on the COVID-19 vaccine administration as it has changed significantly since my last message.

Late last Friday afternoon the dosage allocation arrived to the Department of Health (Lake) and the following is scheduled for the next two weeks:

At this time no vaccines, I repeat, no vaccines for first dose administration is scheduled at St. Patrick’s.

Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26th, by appointment only, again, by appointment only, the second shots for the Moderna will be administered.  You should receive a call from DOH (Lake) and an appointment time will be given to you. 

Then beginning the first week of February, by appointment only, the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine will be given for that week.

We have not received a schedule as to when we will resume giving first doses at St. Patrick’s.

Your most timely source for information is the City website.

Go to the City of Mount Dora Homepage and scroll down to the COVID-19 Information Page.

Open that page and all information is listed.

We also use the City Facebook Page and my messages are weekly unless like today we determined we need to do an additional message. 

Please remember this information changes almost daily as we are very focused on trying to get the vaccines administered as the designated supplies are received at DOH (Lake).

While we are in the process of administrating the vaccines, please continue to wash your hands, wear your face coverings, social distance, and sanitize your hands.

Stay safe and have a fabulous week.

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